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Which Gear to use; Cast Gears or Forged Fabricated Gears

As President of HMC I continually stress to my organization the importance of only promoting products we believe in.

We have extensive experience over many years in designing, specifying, and manufacturing Cast and or Forged Fabricated Gears; both offering comparable service life when specifications and material integrity are equal.

One of the key aspects to our success with Cast Gears is our inordinate focus to using only Level 1 Castings when Critical Custom Gears are involved. In fact we won't even specify Commercial Grade Castings for Large Critical Gear Applications.

Commercial Grade Castings normally always require weld repairs after their pour and quench. Weld repairs; to steels used for through hardened gearing, (Medium Alloy Cast Steels), must be performed with pre-heat temperatures upwards of 450 Degrees Fahrenheit, and by human beings who become indifferent to quality welding after several hours of exposure to such temperatures. Because of these unpleasant working conditions a strong likelihood exists for inadequate repairs to occur.

Weld repairs are not acceptable in the critical areas of a Level 1 Casting. HMC Castings are engineered and designed to Level 1 so that the need for Weld Repairs is eliminated. Our Castings offer 21st Century Design Characteristics which include when possible; Large Liberal Radii. These radii mitigate shrinkage problems; one of the biggest causes of flaws in castings.

We are not advocating Cast over Forged or vice versa. We are simply offering sensible and workable solutions for our customers.

Our 7/24 Hour Manufacturing Infrastructure is always available to you and only a phone or e-mail message away. Please contact us any time we can be of assistance to you on any matter; (Technical Information, Custom Replacement Parts - (Normal or Rush)!

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