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HMC's Welding & Fabrications

We’ll put our Welding Staff and Fabricated Gears against any in the World. 

HMC has extensive experience in designing, specifying, and manufacturing Very Large Critical Fabricated Gears and we have supplied our Forged Fabricated Gears to Industry Worldwide since the early 1970’s.

We won’t compromise your Gear Service Life by selecting the more popular and more economical shelf steels for Gearing. We use 21st Century Advanced Technology Seamless Forged Steel Rings when Large Critical Open Gearing is required. Our Gear Materials have increased hardness and strength, (Tensile and Yields), and offer improved Wear Resistance while remaining very forgiving, even when operating temperatures drop below O Degrees Fahrenheit.

See HMC’s Technical Library on our Web Site for information on Advanced Technology Alloy Steels such as 4330 Vanadium Modified.

Our Forged Fabricated Gears offer comparable service life to our High Quality Level 1 Cast Gears; if manufactured to our designs, specifications, and material selections. 

We guarantee with confidence that an HMC Forged Fabricated Gear; when manufactured to our design, specifications, and material selection, and installed and aligned adequately, can and will offer as good an Advanced Technological Solution as there is available anywhere.

For over 35 years we have demonstrated that ability by proving that our Fabrications pass the True Test; “THE TEST OF TIME”.

That is why our Warranties surpass that of our Competitors!

Unfortunately, some Gear Companies don’t perform their own Welding.

Every facet of manufacturing required, including the entire Welding Process, to complete an Advanced Technology Longer Lasting Fabricated Gear is completed by HMC, right here in our plant in Sothern Indiana.

We cannot imagine sub-contracting our welding to another company with our 35 Years of Experience on what can happen during the entire Gear Fabrication Process.

With our understanding of how Alloy Steel can react during Welding our QA, Inspection, and Welding Staff’s closely monitor every facet of the Critical Welding Process; Pre-Heat, Hold Heat, Welding, and Stress Relieving, to ensure no compromise occurs.

Make the right decisions for your Large Fabricated Gears by coming to the best.

Our 24/7 Manufacturing Infrastructure is always available to you and only a phone or e-mail message away. Please contact us any time we can be of assistance to you on any matter; (Technical Information, Custom Replacement Parts – (Normal or Rush)!

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