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Gear Technology - Double Helical Gears


Double helical gears, or herringbone gears, overcome the problem of axial thrust presented by "single" helical gears by having two sets of teeth that are set in a V shape. Each gear in a double helical gear can be thought of as two standard mirror image helical gears stacked. This cancels out the thrust since each half of the gear thrusts in the opposite direction. They can be directly interchanged with spur gears without any need for different bearings. Double helical gears are more difficult to manufacture due to their more complicated shape.

Get double helical gears from HMC, your premiere source for gears of all types. Our double helical gears can be manufactured to your custom specifications, or we can assist you with finding the double helical gears suited to your application needs and requirements. HMC utilizes the most advanced technology to deliver you double helical gears you can rely on for unsurpassed quality and performance. Our Hofler 6000 CNC Form Grinder, the most advanced and largest in the world, represents our commitment to technology. We also have several heavy duty Maag Gear shapers. Our double helical gears are backed by the best warranties available.

HMC's double helical gears represent a commitment to the highest manufacturing quality standards, which is applied to all of the gears we produce. We've manufactured gears for a wide range of industries, and are recognized as industrial gear specialists. We are trusted choice for custom gears and precision gears such as helical gears, double helical gears, spur gears.

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