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HMC is proud of its ongoing and continued commitment to Advanced Technology Internal Gear Manufacturing for our Global Customer Base with our acquisition of the first ever in North America 6 Meter, (240"), Hofler Form Gear Grinder. Our Hofler Rapid 6000 Gear Grinder gives us a "Quantum Leap" in Technology and Efficiency. The Rapid 6000 allows HMC to finish internal gears up to 240" Diameter and to Tolerances of AGMA 15.

Internal gears differ from external gears primarily in the way that the teeth point to the center on internal gears. The advantages of internal gears include:

  • Decreased sliding action due to internal gear tooth configuration
  • Reduced sliding means less friction and less tooth wear
  • Internal gear in some applications eliminates need for an idler gear
  • Internal gears may be operated in a fixed position or a free rotating with pinion fixed

HMC's internal gear grinding technology "exceeds that of any of our competitors" and allows us to manufacture the Largest Pinions of any Pitch and Face Widths of up to 80". This technology also gives us Inspection Capabilities for Lead, Pitch, Profile, & Runout, on Internal Gears up to 240" Diameter. The precision design and manufacture of our internal gears results in smoother operation and better performance.

We substantiate our quality to you on every gear we manufacture by e-mail through the most modern On-board Inspection and Software Technology available anywhere in the world.

Hofler Rapid 1250

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