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Gear Reconditioning

Save Hundreds of Thousands by Putting Life back in your Used Gears

Refurbished Gear and Oversized Pinion

Alloy Steels such as 4340 are now exceeding $3.00 a Pound. This makes it apparent that the material cost alone for a 6 Meter or larger Gear can amount to as much as $150,000. Keep in mind this is without any machining, gear cutting, or other manufacturing and engineering costs included. So why are you scrapping your used Gear Blanks when they may be more than adequate for the foundation of a Reconditioned Gear?

The structural integrity of used gear blanks in many instances is uncompromised; even after many years of service. The only factor of concern to HMC with structurally sound used gear blanks is the residual stress that has built up in the Gear Blank during service. We immediately remedy this at our factory in one of our Stress Relieving Ovenís. Once they are Stress Relieved, Sand Blasted, Re-machined, and Requalified, itís hard to tell the difference between a used Blank and a new one.

We have saved our customerís Millions of Dollars over the past 40 years through Rebanded and Reconditioned Large Gear Solutions. Give us the opportunity to do the same for your company.

Talk with one of our Sales Engineers and have them explain some of the Cost Saving Programs we offer and the Warranties that are available to go along with them.

  • Large Gear Reconditioning Solutions
  • Large Gear Rebanding Solutions
  • TOPS Open Gear Maintenance & Service Program
  • HMCís Installation, Alignment, & Warranty Commissioning Program

For information and pricing on Used Gears you might consider for Reconditioning; please contact HMC Sales.

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