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The HMC Difference...

Our 5th Generation, Modern, Advanced Technology, Manufacturing Company's reputation is synonymous with servicing our customers with on time delivery of critical replacement parts in every region of the world; the US, Canada, South America, Australia, South Africa and more...

Along with our long record of successful service we are happy to announce the addition of our New Field Service Division which enables us to now perform Installation, Alignment, and Audit, of our Critical, High Quality Gearing.

Installation & Alignment

Wherever you may be on this Planet we want you to understand the HMC Difference.

Our resources offer you invaluable Service, Assistance, and Cost Savings.

You have to be involved with your manufacturer to understand what is required to ensure Improved Component Service Life, which includes Design, Material Selections, and Quality Assurance. Large Gears and Pinions and other Machine Components are serious investments today owing primarily to volatile and run-away steel price increases. In fact Alloy Steel Forgings and Castings have increased in cost from 2004 by as much as 200 to 300%. That is why we have worked hard to develop solutions that will improve your bottom line. Solutions that will mitigate the negative impact of costly replacement parts.

HMC was recently chosen by Hofler of Germany to become the first ever in North America and second in the world to own their largest ever CNC Gear Grinding Machine.

Hofler 6000

The Hofler Rapid 6000 establishes HMC as the first Company in North America that can perform Electronic Gear Metrology; (Lead, Pitch, & Profile), on Gears of 6 Meters and larger in Diameter.

All of your Gearing no matter what size can be supplied with no less than AGMA Quality 12 by HMC.

AGMA 12 and higher quality gearing costs you more on the front end but will last far longer. Especially when installed and aligned properly by HMC.

Refer to our article on Installation and Alignment in our Technical Library.

Customers should always insist that Gear Chart Metrology is performed on their rotating elements for verification that they are receiving the quality they were promised.

HMC's advanced inspection technology "exceeds that of our competitors". We don't rationalize the quality your gears are made to we substantiate our quality before your gear comes off of our Gear Equipment by e-mail on every gear we manufacture; through the most modern On-board Inspection and Software Technology available anywhere in the world.

Hofler Inspection

Visit our State of the Art Facilities and see your parts being processed. Then do the same with our Competitors.

Once you visit HMC you will understand "The Difference". We will help you understand what is required to produce Advanced Technology Replacement Parts that last longer. We have strived to develop Improved Product Designs that would make "The Difference" and Pass the True Test - "The Test of Time".

We will also help you appreciate why special heat treating processes such as Carburization are often suggested by our Engineers.

You will see HMC's Mirror like Gear Tooth Finishes

You will develop a clear understanding of why HMC will not sub-contract Welding or any other critical manufacturing requirement.

And you will see our Exacting Quality Control Requirements.

And most importantly you will realize that buying from a business that has limited engineering capabilities and or primarily sub-contracts is risky and invites unrealistic deliveries, sub-standard quality, and less than desired service life.

Are you working with a Tight Budget; "Then Ask about our Rebanded and or Refurbished Gears. And we have many other Cost Saving Repair Solutions as well.

Contact HMC Sales for information on our Rebuilding and Refurbishing Options.

Our Products and Services are not always the Least Expensive because we won't compromise your Gear Service Life by selecting the more popular and more economical shelf steels. We instead use when necessary 21st Century Advanced Technology Forged and Cast Steels when Large Critical Open Gearing is required. Our Gear Materials offer increased hardness and strength, (Tensile and Yields), and offer improved Wear Resistance while remaining very forgiving, even when operating temperatures drop below - 40 Degrees Fahrenheit.

Click here for more information on Advanced Technology; 4330 Vanadium Modified.

Yours and our involvement combined with our Superior Engineering, Manufacturing Technology, and Field Service, is what will make "The HMC Difference" for your company.

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