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The HMC Difference for the Mining Industry

The Mining Industry

In 1973, the largest population ever of BE, Marion, Page, & P&H Draglines and Shovels were operated within a 150 Mile Radius of our Company. Because of our experience in servicing these machines, our 5th Generation, Advanced Technology, Manufacturing Company is considered the primary alternative to the OEM for Replacement Parts and Service in every region of the world where Surface Mining is performed.

Mining Parts

Many of the Maintenance Supervisors and their Staff who managed and maintained the Midwest Draglines and Shovels are available to you through HMC as Consultants. These experts, along with our Dragline and Shovel-Knowledgeable Engineers and Sales Technicians, complemented by our Field Service Partner, enable HMC to offer you invaluable assistance with any Dragline or Shovel Related issue or requirement you may encounter.

HMC remains committed to Significant Replacement Parts Inventory. We continue to maintain the very costly, critical, and long lead-time components for BI, Marion, and Page Draglines, which includes Gears & Pinions, Shafting, Cams and Cam Bearings, Cam Frames, Shoe Slides, Link Arms and more...

Inspecting Double Helical

We understand that material prices have increased by as much as 300% since 2004. That's why we've worked so hard to develop solutions that offer longer lasting replacement parts so you can appreciate less impact from the initial cost. Higher quality gearing may cost you more on the front end. However, your return on investment more than pays for itself through our extended warranties.

For more information on the HMC Difference, go to the Technical Library section of our Web Site and pull up our article on Installation and Alignment. It will explain the real difference in Gear Life Longevity. Be sure you explore the rest of our site, too. You'll be able to keep up with our plans to grow our commitment to Machine Tool Technology as well as our other Services and Assets. Also be sure to read testimonials from our satisfied customers telling how we've put the HMC difference to work for them.

If you're working with a Tight Budget ask about our Re-banded, Refurbish, and other Repair Solutions. And our Rebuild and Repair Programs normally carry New Part Warranties.

There wouldn't be an HMC Difference if we allowed compromise to Service Life by selecting the more popular and more economical shelf steels. Instead, we use 21st Century Advanced Technology Forged and Cast Steels; especially when Critical Heavily Loaded Mechanical Components are required. Our Materials offer increased hardness and strength, and improved Wear Resistance, while remaining very forgiving, even when operating temperatures drop below minus 40 Degrees Fahrenheit.

We invite you to visit personally our state-of-the-art facilities. Then do the same with our Competitors. Only then will you completely realize The HMC Difference. We'll help you understand what's required to produce Advanced Technology Replacement Parts that last longer. We have worked diligently to develop Improved Product Designs that make "The HMC Difference" and Pass the True Test : "The Test of Time".

Your experience combined with our Superior Engineering, Manufacturing Technology, and Field Service Capabilities, is what will make "The HMC Difference" for your company.

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