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Installation & Alignment

The only available option for lessening the impact of high cost gearing is to stretch your amortization. However, for this to work your gears must offer Increased Service Life.

Longer lasting Gears require improvements in Design, Quality, Material Selections, and Professional Installation. That is where we come in. Our advanced technology gears are proving to last longer than others thus softening your initial investment cost. The statements below explain why.

The higher your Gear's AGMA Tolerances are specified the easier it is for a qualified installer to properly align your Gear & Pinion Set. This is very important. Our studies of premature gear failures often conclude that a large percentage of failed gears did so due to significant erosion taking place, caused by misalignment, in the first few hours of initial run-off.

Example: There is 150% more Tooth Alignment or Lead Error Allowed in an AGMA 9 Quality Gear compared to that of an AGMA 12 Quality Gear.

Increased Capacity - if your gear was designed to transmit it's intended load using AGMA Quality 8 tolerances and the load requirements expected of the gear today exceed that which the gear was designed to withstand; the gears service live can be dramatically shortened.

On the other hand had your Gear been Over Designed for its application by incorporating some if not all of the below, your Gear would likely facilitate the overload conditions as they occur.

  • Improved Tolerances
  • Improved Material/Mechanical Properties
  • Improved Contact Ratio
  • Optimized Tooth Geometry

So many replacement gears lose years of service life within a short period after run-off due to pitting and metal erosion caused by Poor Installation Alignment

When New Gears are Installed and Precisely Aligned in New Equipment; they will perform successfully for many years because they are allowed the opportunity to wear and conform to the gradual deterioration and misalignment that occurs over time.

In comparison; when New Gears are installed in Worn Machinery; where extensive misalignment exists, unless very precise alignment of the Gearing is completed; the Gear and its Pinion unable to conform to the wear and misalignment will quickly begin to wear, pit, erode, and even crack very early on after run-off.

Give us a call. We can and will help you with future Large Gear Investments.

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