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Simply the highest quality double helical gearing available in the world...

Hoist Gear

The limited OEM design for Intermediate Hoist/Drag Gears and Pinions require a center gap that can only be manufactured on Old Gear Shaping Technology.

This design significantly increases manufacturing cost and decreases the manufacturer's ability to produce a high AGMA quality gear; especially when case hardening could be beneficial for extended gear life.

By slightly increasing the center gap distance, HMC can offer a design (through hardened or case hardened) at reduced investment levels.

Hoist Pinion

HMC's AGMA 12 Ground Gearing Design will dramatically decrease vibration and noise levels and significantly increase service life of the gear set.

To complete the optimization of the gear set a matching pinion is recommended to achieve the benefit of the higher AGMA quality by increasing gear tooth contact as much as 50%.

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