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Advanced Technology Gearing

Because of the efforts of leading Manufacturers and increased emphasis from Gear Industry Consultants, today's gear users are seeing appreciably improved gear service life results with Higher Quality Gearing.

There are many advantages supporting the use of "Advanced Technology Gearing", this memo focuses primarily on why "High Quality Gearing" can prove more cost effective over the long run.

Large Gears and Pinions are substantial investments. Especially so today because of steel price increases and volatility. Large gears have increased in cost by as much as 200% from 2004.

HMC has always recognized large gearing as a serious investment. Because of our complete in-house capabilities (fabrication, stress relieving, machining, and inspection), we have always offered improved and higher quality options for or our gears. We have provided the ability to electronically chart and graph; the Lead, Pitch, Profile, and Runout to certify AGMA Quality of our Gears and Pinions.

Because of today's Gear Costs our customer's better understand our recommendations for improved quality on Large, Critical, Gears and Pinions. They can identify with the "Expression"; Higher Quality Equates to Longer Service Life".

Look carefully at the specifications of your gear requirements before weighing the cost. This will ensure long term improved value.

Here are a few factors that can make a big difference with Higher Quality Gearing and reduced service cost:

  1. First and foremost; the higher the AGMA Tolerances the easier it is to identify Alignment Error. An example of this affirmation: There is 100% more Allowable Alignment Error in AGMA 9 tolerances when compared to AGMA 12 tolerances. We are convinced after years of experience that many replacement gears have lost years of service life within a short period after run-off due to pitting and metal erosion caused by poor Installation Alignment. This occurrence could have been mitigated had higher quality gearing been used.

  2. Increased Capacity - meaning, if your gear was originally designed, (AGMA 8 or 9), to transmit a specific load and this load was increased dramatically; (due to shock loading or increased production demand), a higher AGMA Tolerance Gear would, due to its improved contact and alignment tolerances, better facilitate those load carrying capabilities.

  3. Improved Contact Ratio

  4. Reduced risk of initial pitting at run-off

  5. Smoother and Quieter Running

  6. Significantly Increased Service Life

  7. Long Term Cost Effectiveness

Our 24/7 Manufacturing Infrastructure is always available to you and only a phone or e-mail message away. Please contact us any time we can be of assistance to you on any matter; (Technical Information, Replacement Parts - (Normal or Rush)!

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