HMC’s World Class Manufacturing Facility is home to unparalleled Machine Tools, Inspection Technology and Critical Welding Capabilities. These unique manufacturing and gear cutting capabilities make HMC one of the premier large gear suppliers in the world.



Founded in 1921, we take pride in the fact we are a 5th generation privately owned premier gear manufacturer. We manufacture parts to the highest quality available, with some of the most advanced machine tools in the world.


Unrivaled quality

High Quality Large Gears and Pinions

  • HMC is capable of manufacturing gears up to 8 meters in diameter and to AGMA Q15, the highest possible quality.
  • Better AGMA quality means improved accuracy which will yield better load distribution
  • Smoother running and Longer Life
  • We are one of the very few companies in the world able to produce very large, high AGMA quality gearing.

On-Board Inspection

  • Lead, Pitch and Profile charts can be emailed to you directly from the machines
  • We have Inspection Capabilities for Lead, Pitch, Profile, and Runout, on Gears up to 315” in Diameter. HMC is one of very few companies in the world possessing this capability.

Special Materials

  • Extended Product Life
  • Better Hardenability Values
  • Enhanced Mechanical Properties
  • Greater Ability to Deform and Absorb Stress
  • Improved Strength and Fracture
  • Resistance
  • Extended Warranties

Advanced technology

HMC is one of the very few North American High Quality Large Gear Manufacturers. We provide successful solutions for Extremely Accurate and Critical to Process Large Gearing.

Machine Tools (gear milling, hobbing, gashing, and grinding)

  • Höfler 8000, 6000, 1250
  • Liebherr LC4500
  • WFL M120

Welding and fabrication

HMC has extensive experience in designing, specifying, and manufacturing very large critical fabricated gearing and components

  • We have supplied our forged fabricated components to many industries throughout the world.
  • In-House Certified Welding Inspector (CWI)
  • All welds per AWS D1.1
  • All welders certified to unlimited heavy thickness
  • Machines all calibrated and metered (voltage & amperage)
  • Massive stress relieving oven (computer controlled and calibrated)
  • All oven charts are digitally recorded and archived
  • Level III Magnetic Particle Inspection
  • Full penetration gear/rim welds are ultrasonic tested (UT)
  • Lifting capability of over 150,000 lbs.