The procedures and manufacturing processes we have developed over the years offer a complete “Reconditioned Drive Solution”. It is our goal to provide gearing solutions that will meet or exceed our customer’s circumstances at a reduced investment.



We have many years of experience in reconditioning gears; particularly large coarse pitch gears used in mining, grinding, and other ball mill applications.



  • HMC removes the old gear rim area and replaces it with a Vacuum degassed medium alloy forged ring. By utilizing current technology improvements to the mechanical properties and wear characteristics of the steel we are able to offer improved service life.
  • The gear is then recut or reground using the latest in CNC machine tool technology. Using the existing gear core saves in material costs and also reduces lead times.
  • HMC’s Rebands continue to be successful. In fact, they carry the same warranties as our competitor’s new gears.


  • Reconditioning Large Gears is one of our Specialties… It is possible to recondition gears, even after years of wear. This Process is particularly beneficial today because of the significant Investment Level and long Lead Times for Gears.
  • The first step is to evaluate your used to gear to determine if it is a candidate for reconditioning. A full NDT examination of the gear is used to insure it is a viable candidate.
  • The gear is stress relieved in our oven to eliminate any residual stresses that have accumulated over years of service.
  • With the latest in CNC grinding and Inspection technology, HMC is able to recut/regrind/requalify gears to a higher AGMA Quality than the original part.
  • A full set of inspection documents are provided along with the as manufactured runout readings that will be used during installation and alignment.