We are very proud to be celebrating our 100 year anniversary as well as five generations of family ownership. We continue to move technology forward while relying on our knowledge from our long history of producing high quality gearing for industries all over the world.


Our advanced technology in gear cutting, gear grinding and custom machining, results in longer lasting replacement parts and the highest quality components available anywhere in the world. Couple that with the fastest response & delivery times and with warranties unrivaled by any competitor, and you can see how HMC is the right choice for our customers wherever they may be on this Planet.



Our modern gear cutting, grinding, machining and inspection equipment, are all capable of producing and verifying tolerances up to AGMA Quality 15, in any tooth configuration including Spur Gears, Helical Gears, and Double Helical Gears on diameters up to 8 meters completely in-house in the USA.



We are proud to have so many loyal customers from so many different industries. We accomplished this by proving the HMC Difference in Quick Response, Fast Delivery, and Advanced Technology Products, New, Rebuilt, or Repaired.

HMC is the trusted source of precision Dragline and Shovel gearing and components in every region of the world where Surface Mining is performed.

Our Mill Stand Pinions, Mill Stand Reducer Gears, and Tilt Vessel Gearing operate flawlessly in many Steel and Aluminum Plants both here in the US and Abroad.

HMC has long been a predominant mill and kiln gear supplier as a result of our track record with the development and manufacture of Large Critical Gears.

We provide large gears, enclosed drives, and other services to both the saltwater and freshwater commercial industries and to the US Navy.

HMC has manufactured large gears, pinions, and other components for many years for the defense industry and directly for the government.

We manufacture gearing and various components as well as provide service for end-users and OEM’s alike in sugar mills around the world.


Founded in 1921, we take pride in the fact we are a 5th generation privately owned premier gear manufacturer. We manufacture parts to the highest quality available, with some of the most advanced machine tools in the world.