Spur Gears.

Spur Gears.

The Highest Quality

HMC Gears has a full arsenal of machinery that allows us to grind spur teeth up to AGMA quality 15 and even finish gashing spur teeth up to 8 meters (315″) in diameter. HMC Gears has solidified itself as one of the top gear cutting and manufacturers in the world.

HMC spur tooth gears are inspected on-board the machines and have the capabilities for lead, pitch, profile, and run-out on gears up to 8 meters (315”) in diameter. Mixed with the high-quality material HMC only searches for, this allows us to provide our customers with some of the best spur gears and pinions found on the planet.

HMC design for spur gears and pinions prove to withstand the test of time in any production environment. HMC is one of the few manufacturers in North America that can provide the gears, pinions, and other gearing products of the highest quality that can be found in the United States.

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