Double Helical Gears.

Double Helical Gears.

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Much like our double helical gearing, HMC has the capabilities of manufacturing some of the most precise close-gap double helical gears and pinions in the world. With capabilities that reach up to 8 meters (315”) in diameter for gearing, we are certain that we can be of assistance for any projects regarding gears, gearing components, pinions, and other machining or fabrication needs.

HMC close-gap double helical gears are made with some of the most advanced gear manufacturing machinery on the planet and from some of the strongest steels that can be found in the United States. We only deliver products that are made to withstand the stress found in various, rugged environments.

HMC is able to deliver close-gap double helical gears and pinions to an AGMA quality 12.

On top of new manufacturing, HMC Gears offers in-house gearing refurbishment, reconditioning, and reverse engineering. With over 100 years of combined engineering experience, we have the knowledge to assist you in any gear, pinion, or other gearing component project you may have. Just like double helical gears and pinions, HMC is able to produce narrow gap gears and pinions. Our machining allows us to have on-board inspection of lead, pitch, and profile of the gears and pinions we manufacture. Our machines prove to be much more efficient than the traditional sykes machines, which originally were the ones producing all double helical, close gap double helical, and herringbone tooth gears and pinions.

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