To keep up with their competitors the mainstream gear drive makers are today providing lighter duty gearbox designs due to the continual escalation in material and labor costs. Customers who have scrapped or plan to scrap their older stronger gearboxes are making a big mistake because these boxes when rebuilt are proving to offer better service and longevity over the more recently made flimsier designed boxes.

Older vintage boxes were made to last a long time. They were made significantly heavier because materials and labor were considerably less expensive. A vintage box will provide far better performance and longer lasting service over the more recently made flimsier walled gearboxes.

Large gear drives are HMC’s specialty. We have been rebuilding gearboxes for over 25 years. Our rebuilt drives exceed the OEM’s, both in quality and specifications. HMC provides a vast array of gearboxes; such as Hansen, Falk, Flender, Lufkin, PGC, H&S and more.



​We recently completed a rush large gearbox rebuild in just 17 days. This gearbox weighed in at 110,000 lbs. The gearbox was immediately delivered to the customer site and started producing 160 tons a hour. It’s now running like a top, vibration levels are lower than ever and bearing temperatures are excellent.

Rebuild your vintage gear drives​


  • They are far more rigid
  • Their bores maintain alignment longer due to their ability to withstand far more stress.
  • When rebuilt correctly they will last double a newer designed drive; especially when 21st century gearing and bearing technology is included.