Double Helical Gears.

Double Helical Gears.

Keeping the Country Turning

HMC’s double helical gearing is ran in some of the most advanced machinery in the world. HMC can manufacture the most precise double helical gears found in North America. You will be able to find HMC double helical gears and pinions in river boats moving up and down the Mississippi river system, as well as other gearing systems found in production environments across the world.

HMC is able to offer precise double helical gears and pinions due to the advanced machinery we have on hand paired with skilled operators manning these machines. With our advanced milling and grinding machining centers, HMC can offer fast turnaround times to fit your project needs. On top of the advanced machining, onboard inspection of lead, pitch, and profile is also available for our machines. HMC is capable of producing AGMA quality 15 double helical gearing.

HMC is able to design new customer double helical gearing, reverse engineer double helical gearing, and repair or refurbish your current double helical gearing.

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