AGMA Quality.

Maximizing Contact

HMC’s forged fabricated gear designs are some of the highest quality gear and pinion products you will find in the world.

Since the primary purpose of a gear is to transfer power it is critical that it and its mating components have at least 80% contact with another. To achieve 80% or better contact the gear must be processed on precision machine tools with meticulously accurate tooling. Full contact between the gear and pinion is a primary factor for assuring good performance and long life.

Profile Contact

Gear Profile Contact Illustration

The Finish Line

Surface finish is another factor that is required for longer life with regard to gear teeth.

Insufficient gear tooth finish will negatively impact the gear lubricants’ ability to maintain an oil film between the pinion and gear’s tooth face, thus inviting metal-to-metal contact. Metal-to-metal contact results in adhesive wear as the metal welds under friction and then tears away, creating pitting.

Surface Finish Chart

Contact us at HMC to learn and understand more about how high AGMA quality and surface finish impact the lifestyle of your gears in production

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