New Welding Building

On behalf of the entire HMC Staff I would like for our valued Customer’s and Vendor’s to appreciate the true commitment we have to those that require or will required large critical custom gears and other machine components. It is HMC’s intentions to continue our growth for another 80 years right here in Southern Indiana; through methods such as the major expansion we are immediately undertaking.

As President of HMC I continually stress to my organization that success comes from promoting products we can be efficient with so that we can offer our customer reduced cost and extended service life.

HMC has gained extensive experience over many years in designing, specifying, and manufacturing, Cast and or Forged Fabricated Gears; both offering comparable service life when specifications and material integrity are equal and the application is suitable.

HMC began using Forged Fabricated Gears in the early 1970’s when hit by the 1973 Oil Embargo. During this time, Finish Goods requirements skyrocketed in price, and lead times doubled. Most industries; Mining, Cement, Power Generation, and Steel were acclimated to primarily using cast gear components during that era and HMC customarily manufactured their gears at that time from castings.

HMC is not advocating Cast over Forged or vice versa. We are simply offering workable solutions for our customer’s.

We can with confidence guarantee Forged Fabricated Gears that; when manufactured to our designs and specifications and installed and aligned in new machinery, can and will offer comparable service to Cast Gears.

Because of current difficulty with long lead times on Castings, of which we do not believe will improve in the foreseeable future; we have made a decision to considerably increase our Gear Blank Fabrication Capabilities.

We have recently completed building a New Welding Facility which allowed us to move our welding from our 18,000 sq. foot High Bay Buildings and double our welding capabilities in a Brand New Building supported by 50 Ton Cranes.

We will be adding a new Stress Relieving Oven, Manipulators, Turning Rolls, Lay-out Tables, and much more.

Our new state of the art Welding Facility will give us increased capability to support our customer base with quality, long lasting, 21st Century Forged Fabricated Gears, that can be shipped within acceptable time frames. 

Our 7/24 Hour Manufacturing Infrastructure is always available to you and only a phone or e-mail message away. Please contact us any time we can be of assistance to you on any matter; (Technical Information, Custom Replacement Parts – (Normal or Rush)!

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