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Classroom of people learning about gears

Learn how to identify, understand, and eliminate gear problems. Schedule a Gear Workshop Today!

The Gear Workshop is a customizable presentation and training program that can be given at your site, at HMC, or in a webinar. Our engineers, along with some of North America’s leading gear consultants, can assist you with an understanding of your gear problems, how to identify them, and options to eliminate them.

Here are just a few of the topics we offer:

Gear Problems and Causes
Gear Wear Signatures
Tip Relief, Flank Relief, and Modified Profiles
Predictive Analysis
Forged Fabricated vs. Cast Gearing
Induction Hardened vs. Carburized
Spline Tolerances and Hardness
Enhancing Performance with Improved Materials
Gear Audits, Case Studies, and Inspections

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