Project: Cement Gear Repair

Large Gear being repaired in shop

HMC recently reconditioned a large gear a customer had that was failing and saved months of downtime.

HMC was called in to perform gear audits on a cement customer’s 3 cast steel gears that had been running for 6 years. During this inspection, a large crack initiating in one of the split line bolt holes and propagating up and through the root of a tooth was discovered on one of the gears. A new gear to replace this gear would take months. They were in big trouble.

However, HMC advised the customer that this gear could possibly be refurbished. After a thorough ultrasonic and visual inspection, we determined this gear could in fact be refurbished. The cracks could be repaired along with completely cleaning up the gear teeth geometry.

The gear was refurbished and requalified and provided the customer with a fast and successful turnaround.

If you have a gear that is failing or an old spare gear out in the weeds, let HMC’s gear engineers determine if it’s reusable. Having a re-qualified gear for a backup could end up saving big money and untold amounts of downtime.

(grinding the teeth on our 6-meter Höfler)
(loaded up and headed out…)
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